Many men are having an identity crisis. Hypnotherapy helps men with this stress. Masculinity seems to be lacking healthy role models for the current generation according to recent studies. Young men can feel lost and uncertain. Men can be caught between avoiding the toxic harmful behaviour that is currently condemned in the media and the receding traditional more dominant roles. It is important in all our lives to find purpose and meaning. It is confusing to feel in limbo and to lack direction.

Male Suicide

Thankfully there has been more awareness of male suicide as well as general mental health. But men can be slow to recognise that they need help. Men can experience an identity crisis if they feel they aren’t succeeding and hypnotherapy can help. Their sense of identity seems to be particularly wrapped up in success be that in sport, studies or work. Competitiveness and winning are still seen as strong male urges. So it can be especially difficult for men to face failure, share problems or to admit one needs help. Men tend to be more reluctant, unaware and isolated than women when it comes to emotional support.

Hypnotherapy helps Men

Men need to seek Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy earlier so that they deal with issues before they become extreme. This is true of the older generation of men too. The most rational, apparently in control men can be completely caught off guard by anxiety and panic attacks and experiencing things they’ve never felt before. It’s important to teach emotional intelligence as well as to make seeking help normal. Don’t leave problems until they become suffocating. Are you are suffering with such issues as anxiety, depression or anger management and the gamut of problems that can spring from them?

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Hypnotherapy helps men

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