Hypnotherapy can overcome your fear of flying

Hypnotherapy can overcome your fear of flying

I’m sure that most people are aware of the statistic that you’re more likely to die in a car crash on your way to the airport than in a plane crash. This statistic, however, will fall on deaf ears to a person afraid of flying. This is because phobias are not rational. Phobias are something that we have unconsciously programmed ourselves to do.

This is why hypnotherapy is unrivalled in its ability to cure phobias, because it speaks directly to your subconscious mind and it allows your subconscious mind to see how foolish your phobia really is.

Everything in your mind that you associate with flying, which in turn used to trigger fear, can be cleansed of all of its negative associations in your mind. Through hypnosis, the stimuli that used to trigger panic, will now trigger calm. This level of dramatic improvement cannot be matched by any other method except hypnosis.

If you imagine yourself going to the airport and boarding the plane, there is a constant building attention leading up to finally accelerating off the runway. If you have a phobia it is almost impossible to put yourself through this process, as your mind will be petrified at every step, leading up to greater and greater challenges, such as seeing the giant plane on the runway and of course getting in your seat and taking off.

It is so difficult to consciously overcome your phobias, because at every stage there are triggers for you to be afraid. This is why hypnosis is unrivalled overcoming a fear of flying. Hypnosis targets the unconscious programming of your mind in order to remove the associations which once inspired fear, and instead replace it with a relaxed calm.

Hypnosis is such a powerful technique that you can become more relaxed as you travel through each stage at the airport rather than falling into the old patterns where you used to panic. Hypnosis gives you the power to change any aspect of your life which does not benefit you and prevents you from living the life you want to the fullest.

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