Is therapy online the new way forward?

I have been carrying out hypnotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy online for years. Zoom is now becoming even more popular than Skype and some clients still enjoy communicating on the phone. People seem to have become more comfortable with this virtual world, seeing family and friends or attending classroom and exercise sessions online.  As long as one has good wifi and phone signals we can continue to communicate on our devices. Older clients who in the past might have felt intimidated or confused by online chats are now getting more familiar with modern technology.  Businesses have long used online videos for conferences around the world. As a therapist I enjoy the fact that I know my clients are relaxing in their own environment and have even ‘met’ some of their pets. Clients tend to be even more relaxed at home. My therapy room in Wantage has easy parking, is very quiet and off a lovely garden so clients feel safe and secure. Yet some clinics can be noisy and people worry that they might be heard. When living in a busy home one might need to ask for privacy or put a do not disturb sign on the door and some clients prefer to sit in a park or in their car. We are so used to talking on our mobiles or using FaceTime that it has almost become second nature.  Some positives have come from these restrictive times including having easy access to hypnotherapy and counselling. With the stress, fear, uncertainty and loss that many people have been experiencing this year it is good to know that there is support and help for mental health online.

Please do not hesitate to reach out… I can talk to you online in your safe space

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