Sunshine at Last and Hypnotherapy near Wantage can help make it last longer! Do you feel that surge as the sap rises and the blossoms bloom? Everything can seem brighter, lighter and sunnier and we reflect on all we have to be grateful for. The last two winters were particularly difficult and many of us are still reeling from negative news. There were struggles over Brexit, then the Covid Pandemic, then the war in the Ukraine. Many people have been absorbing so much doom and gloom from the media on top of their own personal issues. This keeps us in a constant state of emergency and spending too much time in our fearful primitive minds. Now we are also dealing with the cost of living, fuel prices and inflation.

For those of us who suffer with SAD from October onwards this time of year is such a relief. But that isn’t always enough. Many of you will also still be going through exams and teens will be trying to get driving tests. Hypnotherapy is so helpful for exam stress and I wish more schools in Oxford and Wantage were aware of this.

Insomnia, anxiety, stress, depression and low self-esteem are at an all time high. Therapy, counselling and hypnotherapy can help. I am getting more requests for fear of flying as people book holidays. Take some time out to smell the roses. You deserve it! But stress can still linger on and not everyone bounces back like a Thomas Hardy character after a hard winter! Please don’t suffer alone, reach out. There is help available. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a wonderful and effective way to lift yourself out of the malaise. I am working on Zoom and near Wantage. Please Call 07786 422096 

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