I treat Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia using Hypnotherapy and they are common problems during perimenopause. No-one warned us what might happen for years before menopause! The fluctuation in hormones can lead to a huge variety of symptoms. Not just the hot flashes and consequent difficulty sleeping. Thankfully the media and work place is now talking about menopause. Like many female issues it was a taboo subject and people suffered alone. It affects the whole family and relationships when mothers and wives are stressed. Men can feel rejected, unappreciated and even hated at times when their partners are going through this.

It isn’t just physical changes in a woman’s body, such as dryness, bladder control and irregular periods, but also the brain fog, memory loss, mood swings, exhaustion, irritability, feeling overwhelmed, loss of libido, and an identity crisis at times. Considering HRT, natural aids, pessaries and even anti depressants are all options that can help. But women also deserve the support and healing that Hypnotherapy and Counselling offers. Don’t suffer in silence. I have been learning about perimenopause and menopause for years and feel passionately about helping women through peri-menopause. Call me to make an appointment either on zoom or near Wantage: Kate Jewson 07786 422096

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