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“I cannot say enough good things about Kate. I first started seeing her when I was going through a really anxious time with some health issues. I hadn’t experienced hypnotherapy before but as soon as I had my first session with Kate I felt I’d met the right person with the right approach to help me. She is such a calm, friendly and non-judgemental person that I soon felt completely relaxed with her and always looked forward to our sessions. She was able to explain why I was feeling these anxious emotions and through her skilled counselling and insightful comments, she helped me recover my lost peace of mind. Each time I left a session I felt more relaxed, calm and  better able to let go of my anxious thoughts and feelings….Teresa“

Overwhelmed – Anxious – Exhausted – Can’t Sleep – Fearful – Out of control

Need Change – Relief – Empowerment – Control – Solutions?

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Kate Anna Jewson – Hypnotherapist located in Oxfordshire

Oxford Hypnotherapy expert in Oxfordshire

Let me help you step out of what is holding you back and Move Forward towards a more Positive Successful Future.

Online sessions are available on either Zoom, Skype, or Phone. These work really well and I have used them successfully for years from the comfort of clients’ own space without the need to travel.

Fulfill your goals in a sensitive, understanding, and caring atmosphere with supportive and life-changing therapy.

I feel passionate about helping people to lead happier more fulfilled lives without the redundant shackles of past negative or self-destructive habits.  You Can change and you do not have to spend years in analysis, ruminating on depressing memories to do so.  Modern therapy is all about moving forward and Solution Focused Therapy and Hypnotherapy are very effective, safe, and enjoyable.


Good rapport with your therapist is important.  So you have a chance to meet me during the reduced price initial consultation, where you learn an essential understanding of why you are feeling and behaving in ways that cause you concern and how this therapy can help.

Therapy is private, nonjudgmental, and in the strictest of confidence.

You have just made the first positive step by looking for a therapist and should be applauded for your self-awareness and courage to change.  Taking responsibility for improving your life can be empowering and uplifting.

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Iffley Turn Practice
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Tops Clinic
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Please contact your GP or psychiatric services for specialist help if you are suffering from conditions such as Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Paranoid Delusions, Schizophrenia, and any Psychotic issues.