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Fear reduces our ability to produce natural pain reducing chemicals in our brain. Learning to relax and be in control during labour whilst mentally rehearsing a positive experience is powerful and effective. I would recommend it for all Mums to be.

CFS can be a result of overworking our levels of cortisol, hence why it is often associated with high achievers and often follows a trauma or virus. Learning to lower unconscious reactions to stress through psychotherapy and hypnotherapy helps one get back in balance.  It is no surprise that more A type driven personalities tend to get this disabling condition.

With counselling and solution focused hypnotherapy we understand how we can slip into this emotional state and how to move forward again with positivity. Lifting off the grey coloured specs to seeing things clearly again.

Issues around food and eating are a symptom of being trapped in the emotional primitive mind where our negative habits develop. Hypnotherapy can gently retrain your mind so that you spend more time in control and making positive and constructive choices.  We all have the ability to learn healthy eating habits again and get back in control. It also helps with body dysmorphia.

A little apprehension and adrenalin is natural and necessary but when it becomes a disabling fear, we need to help. Hypnotherapy is excellent at getting us back in intellectual control where we are not in the grip of our unconscious negative patterns.

Hypnotherapy can work with phobias within four sessions by moving you back in control

All addictions are due to being out of intellectual control. Hypnotherapy gets you back in control and out of the grip of your primitive mind where we can develop destructive habits.

IBS is a sign of continual stress so it is important to learn how to relax and learn more positive unconscious habits. Hypnotherapy works safely and effectively by teaching you how to de stress and how to create positive suggestions.

This is all to do with our negative repetitive stressful thoughts. There are good reasons why our unconscious mind might have got into such negative patterns and we can change that successfully with hypnotherapy. There are also various techniques we can be taught with counselling.

The mind is the mental rehearsal room for all sorts of performance training and using hypnotherapy and self hypnosis is a powerful way to improve results.