“Client’s names have been changed to maintain anonymity”


I started seeing Kate to try and help with my life long insomnia. It had gotten so severe during lockdown that I didn’t know which way to turn. If all I had gotten out of our sessions was an improvement on this condition; I would have been happy. But I got so much more. Not only is all of my anxiety around sleep gone but she has helped me overcome a multitude of other issues in my life. Kate has such a fair outlook that she has helped me to be more kind and patient with myself and others. I have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and they have felt like having a chat with a highly qualified friend. I can’t recommend her enough.


I honestly couldn’t recommend Kate highly enough. I have tried talking therapy multiple times before and never managed to find the happiness I was looking for, after a few hypnotherapy sessions with Kate I had already started to see the benefit.  Very quickly it was like talking with a friend, Kate put me at ease, understood my concerns and goals and was so supportive. I’ve never made this much progress with my anxiety and self esteem issues and am sure that I wouldn’t have come this far without Kate.  Thank you so much Kate for all of your help, you have been invaluable in my life and I’m so happy I took the leap to try hypnotherapy!



Kate is a fantastic therapist. At first, I was dubious to try hypnotherapy but Kate’s friendly manner immediately put me at ease and the sessions were amazing, she’s also very funny. I always looked forward to my sessions with Kate, it was as though I was having a chat with a highly qualified friend. Kate brought me out of a difficult period in my life and has given me the tools to live my life to the full.

Dr. T A

What I found most helpful about Kate’s approach is being solution-oriented and helping me find ways to cope with how I’m feeling. She also rationally explains things. Her kindness and ability to be easy going and flexible when there’s unexpected delays meant I was not stressed going into our sessions. The second part of the session is usually hypnotherapy, which really calmed me and set me up for the day, it really clears my mindset and hits a restart button on my mood. She really helped me during a difficult spot and now I feel more empowered and in control thanks to her.



For many years I have suffered with Anxiety & Panic attacks & have always struggled to understand my triggers. My GP had previously recommended that I speak with a free NHS service which I signed up to but didn’t feel that this helped. After seeing Kate, everything changed! She has been a great support to me and has helped me overcome some of the many challenges I have faced with my anxiety. I use her tips almost daily and her audio clips are brilliant and so helpful. Couldn’t recommend her enough. Thank you so much Kate for everything.



Kate was a huge help to me in a period of anxiety and stress. I had never tried hypnotherapy before but I found after a few tries the guided sessions were really calming and I often use the same techniques now when I need to find balance and relax. Kate was very easy to open up to and she always made me feel safe. I would recommend her sessions to anyone. Thank you Kate for your help – I always looked forward to our sessions and found the relaxed atmosphere like talking to a friend.



I couldn’t recommend Kate enough, I have seen various therapists and I have to say I was a little sceptical at first of hypnotherapy but went with an open heart and mind and can now say this type of therapy really works. Kate is such a warm down to earth person so I found it easy to open up and talk about difficult things. Kate explains all the science and theory behind what is going to happen in plain English which helps make sense of what you are about to do, for me  it helped me see issues in a new light making it easier to move forward. It also gives you skills to take away and use in the future when needed.



Following years of poor and disturbed sleep, since childhood, I decided to try hypnotherapy. A friend had seen Kate for some talking therapy and recommended her. I worked with Kate for 5 sessions over the course of 2 months which helped me to establish better sleep habits. Reviewing various factors which had reduced my sleep, along with a few recordings of Kate’s hypnotherapy, have resulted in me falling asleep quickly and staying asleep until the morning alarm. Even 18 months following my treatment I’m still sleeping well and while I don’t listen to the recordings anymore if there is the odd night I don’t sleep well they’re a resource I can revisit. I was skeptical at first as this was my first experience of hypnotherapy however, I would recommend to anyone in the same situation. 

William 33 – Oxford 



Walking into Kate’s Therapy Room in Childrey for the first time was a big step for me. In my late 50’s, I was confident that I would never need external help, as I had experienced enough of ‘life’ to prove my survival skills, but late last year I hit my mental ‘wall’ due to combination of really tough domestic and work issues, and was going downhill rapidly. After a desperate Google search for local therapists, I shortlisted Kate (on experience and qualifications) and was lucky enough to be invited for a chat.  My pre-conceived fears were gone inside the first minute, and by the end of that first session, I knew that I had found someone who could really help.  I felt I was being spoken to more as a friend than a medical patient.  The sessions weren’t always easy, and could be emotionally draining, but that’s the point – to make progress I had to be really honest, face-up and then take the new learning on board. Anyway, this stuff really works. It’s simple and non-threatening, I felt in total control the whole time, and having finally turned the corner, I was a different person, with at last some understanding of my mind’s workings. I am really indebted to Kate for doing so much for me in a time of real crisis.



I’ve had great success with solution focused hypnotherapy in the past for depression and anxiety – so much so that I’m able to manage most of the time with what I’ve learnt. But I was struggling during the first trimester of pregnancy and found Kate at the right time. Meeting Kate was a pleasure,  and having her support and encouragement during a tough period with work and pregnancy hormones was really helpful. With her help I was able to focus on achievable goals and the positives to feel more in control.



I came to see Kate during a difficult period in my life, I needed some professional support and guidance through a rocky time. I actually found myself looking forward to the sessions, as it would leave me feeling so much more positive about myself and life, and it began to lift the black cloud that was hanging over me constantly. I would like to thank Kate for all she did to help me.



I became fascinated by human psychology and the emotional aspects of a person’s character. I wanted to have a better understanding of my own emotional side in order to gain a greater control over myself to achieve goals. Alongside doing research myself, Kate has been a wonderful person to be able to have intellectual conversations with to discuss my findings, and she often provides more meaningful insights/practices/knowledge to help me further. She also held great hypnotherapy sessions which benefited me greatly! 



I met Kate while researching a character for my novel. I had persuaded her to give me an hour for a chat to gain some insight into hypnotherapy. I ended up having a few sessions with her myself and found the process really beneficial. It wasn’t at all like I expected – you know, swinging watches and digging into problems (that’s a good thing). The discussions and relaxation techniques were – even at their most basic level – a very nice, relaxing thing to do. Kate has a lovely way about her, very calm and knowledgeable and I instantly felt she was someone I could trust; and of course, in any therapy environment that is paramount. During the fascinating process I discovered a few things about what makes me tick, things I really didn’t know and have felt the benefit many months afterwards. A very positive thing to do. If you are unsure about hypnotherapy, my advice would be to just give it a go. Kate knows her stuff, is a great person and I’m sure she will help you too.


Ellie, 27

Kate is a wonderful therapist and helped me through a time of struggle and confusion. I was very low and finding adjusting to a new phase of my life rather tough. Kate is so easy to talk to. She helped me gain perspective and come to understand my feelings at what was a very difficult time.

She took me on a journey through counselling and hypnotherapy that was very powerful. Following our sessions if I found myself in moments of stress or worry, I would almost subconsciously carry out the calming actions that in my hypnosis Kate had suggested I do, before I knew it I felt completely at ease.

My final session was very powerful and it has stayed with me since, bubbling away in my subconscious, reassuring me in tough moments that everything will work out.

I’m in a much better place now and forever grateful to Kate for helping me through the tough times.



I visited Kate as I was having some stress and issues with attending medical appointments during my first pregnancy. I found her insights about my issues and concerns very enlightening and actually found it very helpful just to voice them with someone who listened and acknowledged my issues without judging them. I had no experience of hypnotherapy before and was rather sceptical that it could or would help me. After the initial session Kate gave me a recording to listen to, which I found very useful and easy to relax to. Especially helpful as I was suffering with some insomnia related to pregnancy. I attended more sessions and after each one found greater positivity and was more relaxed. I truly believe that my relaxed state greatly benefited my growing baby and my own wellbeing during my pregnancy and birth. I found Kate’s incredible positivity and zest for life especially good to be around and I really felt boosted by the experience of the sessions. I would recommend trying hypnotherapy out and giving it a few sessions before making any decisions. I think the skills for deep relaxation and self-hypnosis can help people long term and if I get stressed again or ever have a problem to sleep or generally need relaxation I would use the recordings.



I made an appointment to see Kate for hypnotherapy as I had a long- standing issue with stage fright,…a particularly debilitating condition for a professional musician ! For me it was very important to be able to vocalise in detail my fears, and Kate provided a very calm and safe environment in which to do this. The hypnotherapy itself involved a kind of summing- up of all the negative factors surrounding my problem, and turning them around with positive, caring affirmations. There was no ‘going into a trance’ and not remembering anything about the session, it was more a case of closing my eyes and being gently led into an extremely relaxed state where my mind could absorb new information and re-programme itself. This included giving me some really useful mental tools to take away and utilise in a performance situation, and which have proved to be incredibly beneficial. I have found looking back, that hypnotherapy helped me to step outside my issues and see them in a new light, and has helped to set me on the road to a renewed enjoyment of my work which I thought I had lost. I highly recommend Kate for her knowledge and understanding as a therapist.



I would like to say that during the time I was attending hypnotherapy sessions with Kate, she helped me to find ways of coping with strong emotions and she taught me how to find ways to de-stress. I found her hypnotherapy to be very relaxing and very positive.


Dr M., Oxfordshire

Having been through a very traumatic and unexpected period resulting in repetitive, aggressive and negative thoughts, plus an inability to enjoy a regular sleep pattern, I was introduced to Kate for counselling and hypnotherapy. After only 5 sessions, matters improved significantly and I am extremely grateful to Kate for her sympathy, understanding and care.



I was totally averse to any type of therapy for years before going to see Kate.  But after a few sessions I began to see how important therapy is.  Kate is a wonderful therapist and it has (no exaggeration) changed my life.  I am so glad that I made that call and had those sessions and have never looked back.  I would highly recommend Kate without hesitation.



I went to see Kate for hypnotherapy to overcome my fear or flying, shortly before an upcoming family trip. She helped me to get through it in a short period of time and I can now travel without a problem. A few weeks later I came back due to exam stress, resulting in patchy sleep and anxiety. But sure enough after a few sessions I was calm, confident and ready to get myself sorted. I, as a teenager, felt very comfortable and relaxed with Kate and am very grateful towards her.



We are incredibly impressed with Kate and can recommend her 100 per cent. She has been a tremendous support and a wise counsellor for our teenage daughter who has had anxiety, depression and BPD to cope with.

Kate has always been available for our daughter whether in person, by email or phone. She has gone beyond our expectations and never let our daughter or us down when she was needed.

Professional but approachable, she can relate to teenagers and their parents alike. Our daughter, even in her darkest moments, only had good things to say about Kate.

We really could not have got through the last two years without her.



I have had both Hypnotherapy and counselling with Kate and the sessions are so incredibly useful and rewarding.  She’s everything you could want in a therapist – relaxed, punctual, organised and professional, with a wisdom I can’t comprehend, and a sense of humour to go with it.  Her therapy room is a calming and beautiful escape in the countryside.  It’s no exaggeration to say Kate has helped me to get my life back on track.
– One very happy customer.


I started hypnotherapy with Kate at a time when I was feeling particularly low in my life. I knew as soon as I met her that I had done the right thing. She immediately put me at ease, listened and advised. I saw her regularly for around eight months and she completely opened my eyes to a new outlook on life. I have felt increasingly happy and more positive ever since. I continue to use her self-hypnosis technique from time to time and will always be grateful to her for turning me round and pointing out a new path to me – a path that I am continuing to explore.



Well since I last saw you all has been good this end. There have not been any episodes and I feel that I can now control it using your breathing technique. My main worry which was the reason for coming to see you was the trip to Canada which actually turned out to be absolutely fine. In fact the only thing that spoilt it was I had picked up a mild strain of the Australian flu which was not pleasant. Aside from that there were no problems. All in all I believe it worked for me and I have mentioned you to other people who were interested. So thank you once again for your time.



From the start I found Kate warm, friendly, worldly and approachable.  She is able to empathise with any struggles I have presented her with and provides practical solutions to deal with them. For over 20 years I suffered from insomnia caused by stress and anxiety. After years of believing I was an anxious person by nature Kate has shown me that a change is possible. She has provided me with the tools to deal with anxiety and now my days are calmer and I sleep at night.



Kate helped me through a very difficult period in my life when I didn’t know where else to turn.  Kate’s warmth makes you feel instantly supported making it easy to open up to her. I would feel the positive effects after each session immediately as Kate’s practical and logical approach would help me breakdown the issues I was confronting, helping me to put everything into perspective. I have found hypnotherapy extremely valuable and it has really helped me gain control and get my life back on track.



My fear of flying developed about 10 years ago following a bad flight back from holiday, since then trying a go abroad has been a nightmare for me and the last few days of the holiday were always intruded by a mix of fear and anxiety of having to board a flight to get home.  In preparation for a holiday to Cyprus I decided to give Hypnotherapy a try after hearing good reviews from other people who had fears or were trying to break a habit.  I found Kate on website for Hypnotherapists in my local area and my visits with her were in a relaxed and safe environment where we worked on trying to get to the root of my fear.  I flew to Cyprus in May 2016 without any issues and for the first time in a long time enjoyed the whole experience of the Airport, checking in and boarding the flight.  I am off to Dublin next week with work so flying on my own and had no reservations about going when I was asked, the issue of the flight never even crossed my mind.



My fear of flying seemed to come out of nowhere. I’d flown extensively over the years and without any anxiety, then on a return flight from Malaga I was suddenly gripped with what felt like an uncontrollable and confusing fear. A second flight to Chicago just exacerbated my fear, which was so consuming that I really don’t know how I managed to board the plane back to the UK. For over a year I avoided flying altogether. I even worked out how long it would take to travel to destinations by boat or train, desperate to continue with my love of travel still but just not by plane. Not one to give in to my fears, I decided to try hypnotherapy as I was aware that this therapy can help with irrational thoughts.  From my very first session with Kate, I started to feel more in control – just making the decision to do something about your fear is the first positive step forward. Working at my pace, over the next few weeks Kate helped me unravel my fear around flying.  After each session I became more relaxed, felt more in control – Kate has a way of making you feel at ease, and I felt as though I was in good hands. It took some commitment on my part in that Kate gave me an audio to listen to in between therapy sessions – Kate’s voice teaching your mind to relax and think positively. I wasn’t sure how I would feel on my first flight following hypnotherapy, but whilst packing my suitcase the dread of flying was replaced with excitement. I decided to roll with it. Sat in the airport lounge, no fear. Boarding the flight, no fear. During take-off I had a little apprehension but I self-talked myself into a positive place, and once up in the air, I was relaxed again, enjoying a glass of prosecco and taking in a movie. Yippee – thank you Kate.  Hypnotherapy certainly helped me overcome my fear.



I can recommend unreservedly Kate’s hypnotherapy sessions. Any initial reservations I had about hypnotherapy were quickly dispelled by Kate’s professional, totally non-judgmental and empathetic approach. I found the sessions relaxing and most positive : she has helped me to ‘help myself’ . I have gained very useful insight from the tape she provided and my sessions with her.



I moved to the Oxfordshire area from London in December 2015 and found the first few months quite stressful with the life adjustment and juggling of too many balls in the air at once.  My anxiety levels increased and a phobia of confined spaces was beginning to get out of control so I googled hypnotherapists and came across Kate’s details.  This was one of the best decisions I ever made going to see Kate. Her sessions helped to transform my mindset from negative to positive and were incredibly instrumental in getting me through a transitional period in my life.  She gave me the tools to cope with situations that I would have deemed stressful before going to see her and she helped me relax and cope better.  She’s warm and friendly and it’s a lovely, relaxed environment to be in.



Thank you. Since I had the hypnotherapy sessions with you and continued use of the recordings you sent me I have noticed a huge difference in myself. Whilst still getting anxious (naturally) it is no longer growing into an uncontrollable, overwhelming feeling like it had been for some years. Using the breathing and remembering other things you told me has greatly increased my general sense of well-being that is, quite frankly after so many years, a revelation. I am extremely grateful to you for all your help.

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