Have Questions?

One more is Can Anyone be Hypnotised?

A – Anyone who wants to use trance to help themselves improve can be hypnotised.  The exceptions would be people with serious psychotic episodes and those who find it impossible to switch off their internal dialogue or who do not want to relax.

Should I give all my secrets away during the session?

A- No one can force you to reveal your inner most thoughts and memories unless you want to share them and when you are ready.  Therapy is confidential and provides a safe space where you can open up to a therapist whom you feel you can trust.  Rapport and trust builds during a client therapist relationship.  Naturally therapy works best when one is working with the real issues, just as you would not go to the Doctor to get help with a wound without mentioning that there is a nail stuck inside.  Some clients feel relieved that they do not have to go over every detail of their lives in Solution Focused Therapy.  It is best not to hide underlying issues and you will know when the time is right.  I am used to being told things that clients have not told anyone else, sometimes for decades, and nothing shocks me.  It is a privilege and an honour and I do not judge.  It is usually a huge relief to find that not only is this secret not as scary as you thought, but is also accepted and understood by your therapist and often experienced by other people.  The only time when a therapist needs to get some external help is when someone is threatening to seriously hurt themselves or someone else or when a serious illegal act has been committed.

What should I take to the therapy session?

A – You do not need to bring anything but it is a good idea to wear comfortable clothes, go to the toilet and please switch your phone off beforehand.  It also helps not to have had too much caffeine or alcohol just before the session if possible. Please bring cash or cheque book for payment or a pre organised bank transfer is fine too.

Can I take somebody with me for support?

I usually only see more than one person for couples therapy or with children during the initial consultation.  However if you are nervous or think that someone else can help explain why you are coming then we can discuss this beforehand.  Remember that therapy is private and for you.  You are my client so make sure you are happy to bring this other person along and are not being coerced in anyway.

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any additional therapies or treatments.