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Hypnotherapy sessions are usually 50 minutes and the initial introductory consultation is Discounted

Kate Anna Jewson – Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist works with a wide range of issues such as, but not limited to the following:

Therapy helps to identify triggers and moves you back in control with help of counselling and hypnotherapy 

Loosing a beloved animal companion can be a traumatic event and many people grieve the loss of their pets as much as the loss of a family member. There are often issues of guilt and difficult decisions to deal with as well.  Nursing an animal through illness can feel very upsetting at times.  Very often people do not get the empathy from others that they need. Therapy and counselling can offer that support, understanding and compassion to help people go through this.  I have experienced many of my own losses and understand the deep feelings involved.

Dealing with loss and death can be a very painful, confusing and lonely time and therapy and counselling offers support and understanding to see people through this natural and at times overwhelming process. Counselling and hypnotherapy can see you through this difficult period in life.

Regain control of this habitual automatic reaction through hypnotherapy

Fear reduces our ability to produce natural pain reducing chemicals in our brain. Learning to relax and be in control during labour whilst mentally rehearsing a positive experience is powerful and effective. I would recommend hypnotherapy for all Mums to be.

CFS can be a result of overworking our levels of cortisol, hence why it is often associated with high achievers and often follows a trauma or virus. Learning to lower unconscious reactions to stress through psychotherapy and hypnotherapy helps one get back in balance.  It is no surprise that more A type driven personalities tend to get this disabling condition.

Personal and business coaching is a wonderful way of helping to achieve goals.  Sometimes during therapy we need to identify what one’s goals are, work out the best way to fulfil them and to look at such practical things as time management.

With counselling and solution focused hypnotherapy we understand how we can slip into this emotional state and how to move forward again with positivity. Lifting off the grey coloured specs to seeing things clearly again.

Issues around food and eating are a symptom of being trapped in the emotional primitive mind where our negative habits develop. Hypnotherapy can gently retrain your mind so that you spend more time in control and making positive and constructive choices.  We all have the ability to learn healthy eating habits again and get back in control. It also helps with body dysmorphia.

A little apprehension and adrenalin is natural and necessary but when it becomes a disabling fear, we need to help. Hypnotherapy is excellent at getting us back in intellectual control where we are not in the grip of our unconscious negative patterns.

Hypnotherapy can work with phobias within four sessions by moving you back in control

Repetitive negative habits can be replaced with positive and constructive patterns of behaviour with hypnotherapy so that our intellectual minds are in charge, not our primitive minds.  Hypnotherapy is excellent for helping with this.

All addictions are a symptom of not being in intellectual control. Counselling and hypnotherapy helps move you out of the primitive emotional mind and back in control.

Guilt is a tortuous and redundant emotion that is unnecessary and serves no positive use and can be helped with therapy and hypnotherapy so that one is moving forward and not looking back.

Working out what you want and what your goals are is essential and hypnotherapy and counselling can help with this

Disruptive sleep patterns are usually a sign of being overloaded with stress and spending too much time in your primitive negative mind. Sometimes are physical and practical reasons for a lack of sleep that need counselling. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to help get your healthy sleep patterns back to normal.

All addictions are due to being out of intellectual control. Hypnotherapy gets you back in control and out of the grip of your primitive mind where we can develop destructive habits.

IBS is a sign of continual stress so it is important to learn how to relax and learn more positive unconscious habits. Hypnotherapy works safely and effectively by teaching you how to de stress and how to create positive suggestions.

This is all to do with our negative repetitive stressful thoughts. There are good reasons why our unconscious mind might have got into such negative patterns and we can change that successfully with hypnotherapy. There are also various techniques we can be taught with counselling.

Moving is one of the most stressful times in our lives and can sometimes feel overwhelming.  Hypnotherapy can help to deal with the anxiety involved and help to regain control.

OCD can feel debilitating, painful and even humiliating. Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy works with the unconscious mind where such negative habits form under the guise of helping us to survive.  Hypnotherapy can help lift you out of that obsessing mind.

Pain is used by the mind and body to warn us of physical issues and one might wonder why it needs to continue once recognised. Whether chronic pain is brought on by emotional issues in the first place, or due to injury, the psychological aspect of pain needs to be worked with as either way it is exaggerated by fear and tension.  Hypnotherapy can work with this at an unconscious level and help encourage our natural endorphins and change our habitual responses.  Hypnotherapy is excellent for helping with retraining the neurological circuits in our brains.

A very common and sometimes scary and overwhelming physiological reaction to perceived needs for our fight or flight survival responses. In therapy we explain how this works and teach practical skills and hypnotherapy to learn how to control this and avoid it being triggered. We can retrain our minds so that they go back to appropriate normal responses.  Hypnotherapy is excellent for helping with this.

Specific therapy training with solution focused hypnotherapy helps clients to move forward from this debilitating condition.

I work with hypnotherapy to help clients get over this fear and with the incredible power of the mind.  Using mental rehearsal at a subconscious level they successfully gain the confidence to speak in public. Often this can be carried out within four sessions.  Hypnotherapy is excellent for helping with this.

A double session of therapy, counselling and self hypnosis helps clients to stop smoking after one consultation. Further sessions can be necessary. You can stop smoking permanently.

Counselling and hypnotherapy help individuals and couples to identify and overcome their concerns. I also work with couples and help them to communicate safely and clearly with each other.

There are a variety of reasons for sleep disturbances and stress is the most common. I work from both a practical and a subconscious level. Self hypnosis is as wonderful way of de stressing and reestablishing good sleep patterns.

The mind is the mental rehearsal room for all sorts of performance training and using hypnotherapy and self hypnosis is a powerful way to improve results.

This is often a psychological issue started in early childhood. It can affect confidence and self esteem as well as cause practical problems. Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy help not only to identify but more importantly to overcome stuttering. Working with the unconscious mind is extremely helpful regarding this.

* If you have been diagnosed or suspect you may have one of the medical conditions starred above, you should consult your GP for advice, diagnosis and treatment and always inform your health professional before starting any additional therapies or treatments.

Discounted Initial Introductory Consultation

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Therapy Childrey / Oxford

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Anyone who wants to use trance to help themselves improve can be hypnotised.  The exceptions would be people with serious psychotic episodes and those who find it impossible to switch off their internal dialogue or who do not want to relax.

No one can force you to reveal your inner most thoughts and memories unless you want to share them and when you are ready.  Therapy is confidential and provides a safe space where you can open up to a therapist whom you feel you can trust.  Rapport and trust builds during a client therapist relationship.  Naturally therapy works best when one is working with the real issues, just as you would not go to the Doctor to get help with a wound without mentioning that there is a nail stuck inside.  Some clients feel relieved that they do not have to go over every detail of their lives in Solution Focused Therapy.  It is best not to hide underlying issues and you will know when the time is right.  I am used to being told things that clients have not told anyone else, sometimes for decades, and nothing shocks me.  It is a privilege and an honour and I do not judge.  It is usually a huge relief to find that not only is this secret not as scary as you thought, but is also accepted and understood by your therapist and often experienced by other people.  The only time when a therapist needs to get some external help is when someone is threatening to seriously hurt themselves or someone else or when a serious illegal act has been committed.

You do not need to bring anything but it is a good idea to wear comfortable clothes, go to the toilet and please switch your phone off beforehand.  It also helps not to have had too much caffeine or alcohol just before the session if possible. Please bring cash or cheque book for payment or a pre organised bank transfer is fine too.

I usually only see more than one person for couples therapy or with children during the initial consultation.  However if you are nervous or think that someone else can help explain why you are coming then we can discuss this beforehand.  Remember that therapy is private and for you.  You are my client so make sure you are happy to bring this other person along and are not being coerced in anyway.

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