Kate has been extremely helpful in growing my self-confidence at a time when I felt very low & insecure. I’d always look forward to our sessions & leave feeling more confident & optimistic about life than when I arrived. Whatever I was feeling anxious or worried about, Kate always knew what to say & offered amazing advice. The sessions were very flexible depending on what was necessary & Kate has created an extremely light, safe & trusting environment. The hypnotherapy was something very new to me, but was hugely helpful in letting go of anxieties & helping me see things in a different light. I couldn’t recommend Kate more, her natural ability to guide others & help them see things more positively has been life-changing.


Kate has helped me immensely during 2 very challenging & uncertain times in my career as a psychological therapist/psychotherapist in the NHS. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her professional, intuitive, non judgmental & supportive approach has enabled me to overcome stress, anxiety & uncertainty with confidence & positivity..I feel energised, calm, more insightful, able to take on and face situations that I have previously avoided. Kate’s ability to bring humour as well as wisdom, understanding and sensitivity is exceptional, and I would not hesitate to seek her support and expertise again in the future. Many thanks Kate!

Nancy Psychotherapist

I found Kate at a time I was feeling vulnerable and a little lost. She is a warm person, who brings a personal informality to sessions. She leads through guided meditational exercises that work to soothe and focus into the root of what bothers you. I had some ‘oh!’ moments of a mini-revelatory nature that have been helpful in moving forward. She was good in helping me move past a rough patch in my life so I could stand more squarely on my own feet again. I would recommend her for improving a sense of self-worth and easing through distress.


Kate has helped me massively over a recent 6-8 week period. I reached out to Kate after a difficult 3 year period of anxiety, to which I was greeted with such a helpful, friendly and calming manner. My mindset and anxious feelings were turned around so quickly through therapy and am now in a lot better place, with confidence that I’m welcome to turn to Kate if needed in the future. I cannot thank her enough.


I had got to a point in my life where I wanted to stop smoking, I never thought that I would be able to do it. I was a heavy smoker and smoked for over 20 years, I found the wonderful Kate online and arranged a hypnotherapy session straight away. I had my 2 hour session which I found relaxing and calming and it made me really think about what I was doing to my body. 6 months on I can now say I am a non-smoker; do not get me wrong its hard, but you know in your mind you do not want or need it. Best thing I ever did, and I would highly recommend Kate to anyone, she was so understanding and extremely helpful and went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable. 


In my early fifties, I have seen Kate twice now in the last few years after feeling quite low and unlike myself after very busy periods of life full of stress. After only a few sessions she was able to pin point that I was being too hard on myself and gave me a framework to help me help myself out of this feeling. She is very easy to talk to and explained with great analogies that we all need to take it easy from time to time to let our minds rest in same way we do with our bodies after exercise. Thank you Kate.


I cannot say enough good things about Kate. I first started seeing her when I was going through a really anxious time with some health issues. I hadn’t experienced hypnotherapy before but as soon as I had my first session with Kate, I felt I’d met the right person with the right approach to help me. She is such a calm, friendly and non-judgemental person that I soon felt completely relaxed with her and always looked forward to our sessions. She was able to explain why I was feeling these anxious emotions and through her skilled counselling and insightful comments, she helped me recover my lost peace of mind. Each time I left a session I felt more relaxed, calm and better able to let go of my anxious thoughts and feelings. 


I would like to thank you for your assistance over the past few weeks. I am now back to my old self, no anxiety or nervousness and once again confident in driving myself and being a passenger. I am no longer having panic attacks and feel free of the overwhelming sense of dread I once had. I am pleased to have come out the other side feeling happy to jump in the car and not have to analyse every aspect of the journey and  I can now just enjoy the ride.

In the last month I have travelled to Scotland, round the mountains, tight bends and narrow roads, in the dark and pouring rain, up and down the M40 several times to the airport and squeezed in a holiday so its been busy and has certainly tested my resolve.


Thank you. Since I had the hypnotherapy sessions with you and continued use of the recordings you sent me I have noticed a huge difference in myself. Whilst still getting anxious (naturally) it is no longer growing into an uncontrollable, overwhelming feeling like it had been for some years. Using the breathing and remembering other things you told me has greatly increased my general sense of well-being that is, quite frankly after so many years, a revelation. I am extremely grateful to you for all your help.


I moved to the Oxfordshire area from London in December 2015 and found the first few months quite stressful with the life adjustment and juggling of too many balls in the air at once.  My anxiety levels increased and a phobia of confined spaces was beginning to get out of control so I googled hypnotherapists and came across Kate’s details.  This was one of the best decisions I ever made going to see Kate. Her sessions helped to transform my mindset from negative to positive and were incredibly instrumental in getting me through a transitional period in my life.  She gave me the tools to cope with situations that I would have deemed stressful before going to see her and she helped me relax and cope better.  She’s warm and friendly and it’s a lovely, relaxed environment to be in.