Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis I teach self-hypnosis to all hypnotherapy clients and give them an audio file to use at home and on their music devices.  This is an empowering life skill and an essential part of the therapeutic process.  All hypnosis is self hypnosis and I guide you through an enjoyable 25 minutes of relaxation, visualisation...

Couple Counselling

Couple Counselling There are many different pressures upon relationships these days, and especially as our lives get affected by all sorts of changes.  Communication is essential between all couples and sometimes people need a safe, non judgemental environment in which to open up about and discuss relationship issues.  It is healthy to express what is...

Anger Management

Anger Management Therapy Solution Focused hypnotherapy explains why we become angry and how to regain control.

Stress Management

Stress Management The modern curse that we are all so familiar with, stress affects all parts of our lives. Hypnotherapy and counselling are wonderful ways to overcome it and learn life long coping skills.

Weight Loss Help

Weight Loss Help Issues around food and the growing problems of obesity are very common, often stress related and need help at a psychological and subconscious level. Hypnotherapy is a safe and very effective way of helping clients to understand their habits, change them and stay focused on their diets and then maintain their healthy...

Low Self Esteem Therapy

Low Self Esteem Therapy This is such a common problem and very painful for the person concerned. Such self-deprecating negative habits can be overcome and literally replaced with positive uplifting thoughts where one relearns self respect and self value through hypnotherapy and counselling.

Phobia Therapy

Phobia Therapy Deep fear brought on by our unconscious and usually inappropriate survival mechanisms and usually associated with panic attacks. I work regularly with clients with all sorts of phobias ranging from flying to claustrophobia to birds. Hypnotherapy uses our natural psychological processes to release unnecessary negative associations that have been triggering these fears and...

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Treatment Hypnotherapy is wonderful for understanding and moving out of the anxious part of our mind.