We have all heard that hormonal changes during puberty, monthly cycles, pregnancy, post natal and menopause can cause problems. I see clients with anxiety and depression who are often unaware that their symptoms might have been brought on or indeed exaggerated by starting a new contraceptive pill, changing HRT, perimenopause and menopause. Even pre-menstrual tension can feel worse when one has other stressors at the time. During the initial consultation I like to gather the necessary information to gain a holistic view of all that someone is dealing with, both physically and mentally. Although Doctors are much more savvy about the effects of such things these days, not all are sensitive to how they might be affecting one’s “quality of life” or relationships. Men can also change in their early fifties as lowering testosterone levels affect their moods. Just as women might complain about ‘grumpy old man syndrome’, men can easily dismiss women’s moods as ‘just female hormones’ causing an inconvenience. But to the women dealing with the uptight or tearful feelings this is their reality at the time. They are suffering with it more than their families, as they are sitting in it and cannot seem to get away from it. Mid life clients have to deal with the psychological issues of getting older at the same time. It often coincides with children leaving home, parents getting sick and working out one’s career and identity when the nest is empty.

Naturally I am much more likely to see a female client trying to cope with complex sex hormonal changes than a male client. What is particularly surprising is when they seem to be unaware that it could be the shift in hormones that is exasperating the situation. They need to see their Doctors and carry out research regarding what they might be deficient in and what their options are, be it herbal remedies, natural mood enhancers, bio identical hormones or synthetic hormones. Clients can complain of weight increase, skin changes,loss of libido, sexual difficulties, relationship tensions, self-esteem, tearfulness, night sweats, hot flushes, insomnia etc. Hypnotherapy and counselling can help women to deal with the changes before and during menopause (as well as other times in life). I encourage becoming more aware of the possible causes, and we focus on lowering anxiety, boosting self-esteem, controlling weight, and improving sleep.   Don’t suffer in silence. Therapy can help!


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